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We Are an Exceptional
Entertainment Production Company

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 “For every one that asketh, receiveth; and he that seeketh, findeth; and to him that knocketh, it shall be opened” 

Tawanna Terrell, CEO, Terrell Entertainment, LLC founded in 2015, has become a premier entertainment company in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area. With hit stage plays such as I'm In Love With Your Man, One Mama, I’m Still Your Mama and Why Good Girls Become Bad Boys in the DMV area and Dallas, TX, and Bound and Gagged in DMV and Richmond, VA, Terrell Entertainment has proven to provide guests with a personal connection to our clients’ brands and products – creating a memorable experience.
Terrell Entertainment is focused on providing the highest quality of service by making our customer’s needs our number one priority.  Our team offers the creative vision, professionalism, and expertise to create the best production possible, with a constant attention to detail, quality, originality, and results.  We are equipped to produce a range of events – such as stage plays, concerts, conferences, fashion shows, and comedy shows – from conception to completion. 


We are motivated by passion and BIG ideas, and we promise to provide you with an unforgettable experience each time! In November 2019, Terrell Entertainment hosted a DMV area sold-out Thanksgiving Gospel concert featuring Le’Andria Johnson.  Le’Andria Johnson is an American gospel musician and singer-songwriter. She was the season three winner of the BET gospel singing competition show Sunday Best, and Sunday Best’s first contestant to receive a Grammy award.  April 2021, Terrell Entertainment, LLC furthered her career in filming with productions such as, 

2022 – (5) Gaslight, Once Upon A Time In The District, Million To One, The Agnostic, Iceman One

2021 - The Forgettable Life of Liam White 2021, Double Cross

2019 - King Sun - The Mob Series, Let’s All Meet

2019 - Undeniable – The Tray Chaney Story & Uproar TV Series

2018 – Double Cross Series


Forgetable Life of Liam White


A Washington, D.C., writer faced with a terminal illness turns what's left of his life into art. Liam White is at the tail end of what was a successful book tour. Now, after two failed follow-up novels, he struggles to garner any attention for his works. 


Once Upon A Time In The District

Three women hide a body after a murder and open Pandora's box of gangsters, dirty cops, and corrupt politicians.

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Iceman Book One

Known only as ICEMAN, a newly retired organized crime fixer is pulled back in deeper than he's ever been.


Double Cross

Follows twin siblings Erica and Eric Cross' quest to save the women in their neighborhood from a sex-trafficking ring that has taken over Dr. Erica's hospital emergency room and shaken up the streets run by "The Heights" kingpin, Eric. Haunted by their past, the twins set down a path of their unique brand of vigilante justice.



A married woman's life spirals to a breaking point and she suspects certain people close to her are the reason behind this. Who can she trust? Nothing comes without sacrifice


Million To One

Dre Shaw reluctantly puts his life on hold to return home for a family wedding, only to go from family liability to savior.

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The Agnostic

An agnostic man challenged believing in God to keep a breakable object from shattering when he dropped it to the ground to believe.


Once Upon A Time In The District Red-Carpet Event

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